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Tupperclean Vegesafe (1) 450ml[vegesafe]

Tupperclean Vegesafe (1) 450ml

Tupperclean Vegesafe (1) 450ml[vegesafe]



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Keep your home spotlessly clean with ease
The tupperClean range of biodegradable yet super-effective cleaning solution will make cleaning so much easier and satisfying. Watch your home, laundry and cooking utensils gleam with brightness, free from germs and contamination. These plant-based and pH balanced helpers are tough on dirt but gentle on hands.

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When it comes to safe, chemical-free and clean veggies and fruits, VegeSafe is your answer!

Pesticides Contamination
With the growing demand for agricultural produce, there is increasing pressure to preserve longevity, increase shelf life and increase visual appeal of the greens sold in supermarkets.

This has resulted in the extensive use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and waxes from the farming and distribution chains. Residue from these chemicals are known to cause cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, allergies, arthritis and infertility. Children exposure to pesticides affects their antibodies and immune system.

VegeSafe is a fruit & vegetable wash that effectively removes pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, waxes, bacteria and chemicals from your fresh produce.
* Non-toxic
* Completely rinseable
* Biodegradable
* Organically derived from plant sources
* Contains no animal by-products

VegeSafe removes up to 97% of surface pesticides
A formulation that is scientifically proven by independent laboratories in the USA to remove up to 97% of surface pesticides, and to be up to 7 times more effective than cleaning fruit and vegetables with water alone!
Washing alone is not sufficient to remove these harmful chemicals. So how then can consumers be able to remove such hazardous and water-insoluble chemical residues from their produce?


Here is how your produce looks like off the shelf, covered with harmful pesticides and bacteria.

After being cleaned with VegeSafe, your produce is completely clean and safe, ready to be cooked or consumed.

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