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Tupperware Blossom Microwaveable Serveware[micro servew]

Tupperware Blossom Microwaveable Serveware

Tupperware Blossom Microwaveable Serveware[micro servew]



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Food is life. How wonderful to celebrate it by sharing a delicious meal with friends, be it a formal lunch or dinner or a casual one.

Think of setting serve ware that is elegant with functional ideas so food is served at its best and safest. Absolutely stylish Blossom is one such gem. The perfect host companion, Blossom presents basic ideas that take simple home entertaining and living to another level.

Blossom Microwaveable Serveware 1110 8486
1) Oval Server with Colander (1) 1.8L and Serving Spoon (1)
2) Serving Dish (1) 1.1L and Serving Spoon (1)
3) Soup Server (1) 1.8L & Soup Ladle (1) and Serving Spoon (1)
4) Serving Platter (1) 600ml & Serving Spoon (1)
5) Gift box