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Tupperware One Touch Topper[one touch]

Tupperware One Touch Topper

Tupperware One Touch Topper[one touch]



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Safely seal your food products in these durable toppers and caninters. Similar to original airtight containers designed in 1949, they are able to preserve the texture, flavour and freshness of food.



1) 1110 9169 RM40.20/RM42.80
One Touch Topper
Junior (2) 600ml
13.0cm (D) x 8.0cm (H)

2) 1110 8783 RM25.60/RM26.50
One Touch Topper
Small (1) 950ml
15.0cm (D) x 9.0cm (H)

3) 1110 8782 RM30.50/RM32.40
One Touch Topper
Medium (1) 1.4L
17.0cm (D) x 9.2cm (H)

4) 1110 8781 RM37/RM39.30
One Touch Topper
Large (1) 2.1L
19.3cm (D) x 10.6cm (H)